Renato Cortese comes from a family of napolitan artisans, specialized in the production of handcrafted leather gloves. Since a very young age Renato was following his dad in the purchaising of the leather as well as in the production of the small masterpieces.


Finished with his studies, Renato Cortese move to Milan, where he works for many years in diverse factories, until he became CEO of a company that got dislocated in Danmark, Scandinavia. In 2001, after many yeas, he returns to Naples, to follow the production of luxury leather goods and writing instruments for a well renowed brand. 

Now, after many years of experience, Renato Cortese has decided to start his own production and has by so given life to his brand, RC Renato Cortese. The attention to details and quality are some of the brand's core values, expression of the sophisticated handcraft.




The brand's mission is to become a landmark for all those that demand quality assurance when purchasing luxury items. This allows Renato Cortese to enter the market proposing only high Italian craftmanship collections, manufactured out of domestic prime quality raw materials to ensure excelence.  As We all know, the expression " made in italy" has always been synonym of quality for the buyer, showing the market's demand for products that meet the highest italian  quality standards.