Renato Cortese's writing instruments undergo intense quality control procedures at each phase of their manufacturing, thos enabling us to ensure our clients with impeccable and exclusive writing instruments.

The italian handcraft, characteristic of the brand, ensures RC's clients with an unique artefact at each and every purchase.


At the moment of the purchase, customize your writing instrument with an incision, to prize yourself with an unique jewel. 

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This collection is born out of a precious collaboration with the Italian Army. This joint effort aims to create a commemorative piece that would remind, with pride,the fallen and the participants of the conflict. 

Credit for the main idea bringing life to the collection, goes to Francesco Rienzi's artisticts skills. Inspired by the Sacrarium Redipuglia, he designed the first pen of the collection, the 1918-2018.

There are two more prestigius writing instruments to complete the collection: Cerimony and Military School. Their clean lines and elegance turn the pens into precius artefacts. The game of colors characterizing this two pens, are inspired by the patterns of the Ceremonial's and Military School's uniforms. A detail that will constantly be reminded to the ones who'll  be using these writing instruments.